Small Trailer Snapshot: The Winnebago Minnie Drop 170S

In this entry of Small Trailer Snapshot, I’m featuring the Winnebago Minnie Drop 170S. Not only will I give you my thoughts on it, but I’m tag teaming with Josh “The RV Nerd” Winters, website manager and product specialist at Haylett RV of Coldwater, Michigan. We’ll give you our thoughts on why the 170S Minnie Drop is the best floorplan it has to offer.

Key Features: NXG engineered chassis; High gloss T-60 gel coat fiberglass sidewalls; One piece fiberglass roof; 13.5K BTU low profile air conditioner; Convection microwave oven; Audio Visual system: AM/FM/CD/DVD/USB/Bluetooth; USB charging ports; Gas electric refrigerator; 6 gallon gas/electric/DSI water heater; Power awning with LED lighting; Solar charge prep; 19″ television; Power tongue jack; Full dry bathroom; Kitchen slide out.

Key Specs: Total length 20’4″; Exterior height: 9’3″; Exterior width (body): 6’6″; Interior height: 6’5″; GVRW: 3800 lbs; Dry weight: 2800 lbs; Fresh water capacity: 31 gallons; Black tank capacity: 25 gallons; Gray tank capacity: 25 gallons; Furnace: 18K BTU; Water heater: 6 gallons; Hitch weight: 315 lbs; Awning length: 10′.

Why We Like It:

Josh: They brought a new take on a proven concept that is bringing more and more people into this world of small trailers. The execution of the model is pretty much flawless. And it’s the little details that set it apart like the positioning of the TV on its swing arm so it can be comfortably viewed from either dinette bench or the bed. Easily overlooked features like the jalousie windows for rainy day airflow (which is just so great when you’re boondocking it) are something that really pulls the experience together. The way they handled splitting/sharing the storage area by the entry door and bathroom is perfect. I’ve seen similar layouts across other brands make the mistake of offering no pantry or no bathroom cabinet. The 170s gives the perfect level of attention to both areas. They were the first in this class to offer a power awning (complete with easy tilt arms and LED lights at the base). The elliptical table dinette’s ability to easily float outside for picnic use is the perfect pairing. One of the best aspects of the floorplan is its ability to turtle up and be fully functional. You don’t really NEED the slide for the model to work — it just adds some breathing room you’ll appreciate. A lot of people miss the outside grill quick connect near the front storage door. I love how it’s positioned away from the awning so you’re not trapping smoke that might want to roll into the RV when you open the door.  But, as is the case with ANY Winnebago towable RV, the service records on the Minnie Drop series is superior to anything else we’ve seen in this market segment. There are other respectable brands for sure, but we’ve yet to find one this close to perfect.

Pat: In January of this year, I helped out a Winnebago dealer in Indianapolis, Braun’s Fun Time Campers, at the Indy RV Expo. When they introduced the 190RD floor plan late last year, I thought that would outsell all the other Minnie Drop floorplans combined. There were four of the Minnie Drop floorplans at the show and by far the 170S was the standout, far exceeding the 190RD. So many of the folks I talked to who looked at all four kept coming back to the 170S, noting that it was the floorplan that offered the most storage, the most functional layout, and had the best “open” feel. Besides the spacious bathroom and its great storage, the 170S is the only Minnie Drop floorplan that overlooks your campsite. And that is one of the more underappreciated features of any trailer  that offers it. A lot of folks I’ve spoken with don’t really even consider it until it’s brought to their attention, then that light bulb clicks on and they realize that overlooking your campsite instead of your neighbor’s is an important feature. And that light interior they introduced last year has really opened up the Minnie Drop compared to the darker wood tones that plague the industry. What I also like are all the standards the Minnie Drop has to offer (see key features above). The only options that are offered are wood grain exterior graphics and a 15″ offroad tire & axle option. But we can’t talk about Winnebago without talking about colors. And they offer eight different exterior colors to choose from. Since there is no base color, there is no upcharge, whether you choose champagne, orange, blue, hunter green, cherry, white yellow, or platinum. And that high gloss fiberglass makes those colors really “shine”.  These are well built trailers with exceptional fit & finish that is easy to see. While I post reviews on trailers by giving you the basics so you can make your own judgement on whether it’s a good trailer for you, I say this with the utmost confidence regarding Winnebago, “Buy with confidence”.

Thanks again to Josh for stopping by and contributing to this post! I, as well as other consumers AND sales professionals, have learned a ton from watching the 3,300 plus walk through videos he’s done on YouTube. He provides a lot of thought provoking commentary and no matter if it’s a 40′ fifth wheel or a 10′ pop-up camper, you’re going to learn something new. By all means, tune into his YouTube channel and join the over 18,000 subscribers to the Haylett RV channel here:                                           And for an added bonus, you’ll see Josh’s walk through video of the Minnie Drop 170S at the bottom of this post.

(Editor’s note: My apologies for some spacing issues between a few of the photos below. Tried editing it all morning, but with no success.)






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13 Responses to Small Trailer Snapshot: The Winnebago Minnie Drop 170S

  1. Dean

    Outstanding review. Winnebago is a solid product and this size trailer with this particular floorplan is hard to beat. It is a great small “couple’s trailer” imo (Permanent bed, large bathroom, dinette over looking campsite), etc.



  2. Denise Cote

    Enjoyed reading your review. I have a 1961 Winnebago TT and would love to know more about it.

  3. Chris

    The bed where the back person has to crawl over the outside person is a deal breaker. Walk around queen bed is the only option we are considering. I have seen more than a few small trailers with that feature.
    But we really do enjoy your newsletter. Thanks!

  4. Frank Briard

    I have been following your website and reviews for some time now because I am interested in buying a lightweight travel trailer for my 2017 Honda Ridgeline (towing capacity around 5000 lbs.). My first impression was about your unabashed enthusiasm for this trailer. I cannot recall you both ever being this excited and complementary about any other trailer you have reviewed. It sure looks good to me as well. I’d like to know…. is it really that good? Is it your new favorite? Should I just stop looking and buy it now because it’s just about the ultimate two person, lightweight trailer, which is exactly what I need? Franco

    • Pat

      Franco – I’ve got a TON of new favorites. Actually, I’d need a warehouse to house every trailer I wish I had. But as for the 170S, it is in my estimation the most usable floorplan of this type of trailer, which also includes r-Pod, Hummingbird, StarCraft Comet, KZ Escape Mini, etc). Like I tell everyone that inquires about what to get: Do your homework, find some floorplans that interest you, see them in person, then weigh the pros and cons of your finalists. It can be a mind boggling process, but fun at the same time.

    • Toni Barber

      Frank, I too have 2017 Ridgeline. I’ve been researching a lightweight travel trailer for the better part of 8 months and I kept coming back to the Minnie 170s. I actually take delivery next week, at GVRW of 3800 the ridge should have no problem towing it… good luck with your search

  5. Nick Greenway

    The manufacturers have finally gotten on the program in designing decent smaller trailers. The challenge is the smaller you get, the more compromises you make.

    Now, as to this review. Ask yourself this question, do you spend more time in the bathroom or in the kitchen? If it’s the bathroom, this trailer is a great choice. If you want more space for food prep and want a bigger fridge, it’s not so good of a choice. My review would be less sanguine as DW and I want more space for food prep, kitchen storage, and a larger fridge.

    In the end we chose a Lance 1575, a trailer that has been one of the favorites on this website. The bath in this Lance is small and there is no vanity & sink. For some people that is a deal-breaker. For us it’s a deal maker. The small bath leaves more space for living and storage.

    What is remarkable about the Lance 1575 is that the dinette in the slide converts to a decent bed. DW hangs out on the front transverse bed, and I hang out on the converted dinette. Since I stay up later, I can either read or click away on my laptop. NOT having two places to hang out is a deal breaker for us.

    Keep the latter in mind when looking for your favorite trailer. If you need one place to hang and want a bigger bath, then look at the Lance 1475 or Lance 1475S.

    • Pat

      Nick – As I’m sure you read my personal Top 6 Picks for Couples post a few months ago, you’ll understand that I’m really happy for you with your choice of the 1575. Really good observations on the differences in what is the most ideal trailer and how it really boils down to what is important for you, which will vary from person to person. You follow the same trailer “ideology” that my wife does: storage and counter space. If either one of those doesn’t exist for her, it’s a no-go.

  6. Marlie

    Hi, I’m new here… What do you mean when you say it overlooks your campsite?

    • Pat

      Amelie – Welcome! When you back a trailer into a campsite, the side of the site where your picnic table and fire pit are on will always be on the same side as your trailer’s door side. So when your dinette is on the same side as the door of your trailer, this is what I mean by it overlooks your campsite. I probably butchered that explanation to where you’re more confused than before! 😉

  7. Donald CHAMBERS


  8. Susan Birrell

    We have had our Winnebago Drop 170s for a few short months. Drove it with our 4Runner from Illinois to S. Cal. Enjoyed it so much, we camped 10 days in N. Cal fishing. We LOVE this trailer. Climbing over my loved one isn’t a big deal in the bed. Love to added space in the bathroom! Really thought we were going to get a Hummingbird, but this is much better!

  9. James Geer

    Are the Winnebego Drops rugged enough for an AlCan adventure in Alaska? Are the stock tires large enough and will the interior cabinets withstand the vibration?

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