Product Review: MaxxAir FANMATE vent cover

Recently I’ve been doing a few winter projects on our 2016 Shasta Oasis, two of which I tackled the same day. The first that day was the addition of a Heng’s Vortex II fan that I wrote about here. Once that task was completed inside, I moved up to the roof, thanks in part to a mild November afternoon in Indiana. The final task in my ventilation upgrades was the installation a MaxxAir FANMATE vent cover.

The FANMATE is one of the more popular vent covers in the RV industry. It’s made of a high density polyethylene with UV inhibitors to help withstand the elements for extended durability. It offers excellent rain protection while your vent is open as well as less than 5% airflow restriction while using your fan. An optional bug screen insert is available to help from bringing in unwanted flying pests.

Installation of the FANMATE is really quite simple. It’s even more simple if you have a MAXXFAN vent fan, as they have integrated mounting tabs that hold the four EZClips in place. But if you have a different brand, there are four mounting brackets that are included, which is what I needed to use on my vent. Simply mark your bracket location on the side of the vent, drill a hole into the side of the vent for each bracket, attach the brackets with the provided screws and nuts, then you’re ready to attach the cover with the EZClips.

By sliding out just two of the clips after you’re done, you can hinge the FANMATE to one side for maintenance. Dimensions of it are 25″ long x 18-1/8″ wide x 10-1/4″ high. You have a choice of three colors: black, smoke, or white.

To aid I’m my installation, I referenced a Youtube video by Mark Polk of RV Education 101, one the most knowledgeable RV guys you’ll ever know. He gives some excellent step by step instructions if you have either a MAXXFAN or a different brand. These will also work over just a vent opening that doesn’t have any type of fan.


I purchased my FANMATE through Amazon. Currently they’re going for around $55 there, which you can find by clicking this link.

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  1. I purchased a tiny trailer, an RTTC Polar Bear, last summer, and for my first few camping trips, did not have a rain cover over my fan vent. In my first experiences of camping in the rain, I found that even with the vent cracked just a bit, water would eventually collect and drip from the fan area. I researched and bought a Maxx Air Fanmate. My fan was already set up to take the cover clips, so installation was no problem. I did, though, cut some small segments of clear plastic hose to shim the clip connectors to lessen rattle, since there was a bit of play in the locking assembly. The cover was easy to remove when winter arrived and I needed to cover the trailer. The cover was money well spent. I can now have the fan open and have air circulation even in stormy weather.

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