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Aliner adds new storage boxes

Mt. Pleasant, PA based Aliner has enjoyed a successful 2012 thus far, according to Melanie Spires of Aliner.  “The first 5 months of 2012 Aliner retail sales were up 33% across the board. The Classic, Expedition and Ranger are the three top selling models, they are the core.”

Helping fuel the increase in sales is the new optional storage compartment. Located on the front tongue, the 100% waterproof, 30 cubic foot compartment features lockable full-length top and side access doors, as well as interior lighting. Better yet, the entire box is removable, leaving in its place a tray for transporting larger items. Competitors offer either a storage box or a tray, but not both. Removing the box takes less than 10 minutes.

“As we became aware of the strong consumer demand for such a product, we decided that we could best utilize our technology to provide a cutting-edge option that is unique to the camper industry”, according to Aliner parent company Columbia Northwest CEO Ned Collins.

Aliner has always been synonymous with  hard-roofed, pup-up campers. Most would say they’re the torch bearer for such a niche market. With innovations like the removable storage box, that claim is hard to dispute.


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SylvanSport GO giveaway ends May 31

Pop-up camper maker SylvanSport is offering up one of their multifunctional GO campers to a lucky winner who can, in 250 words or less, describe their ultimate adventure in a GO and how they’d promote it.

The GO is a camper by nature, but has many other useful benefits, including hauling loads, bicycles, ATVs, and small watercraft. Due to its aluminum construction, the GO is extremely lightweight (840 lbs) which means it can be hauled by most 4 cylinder cars.

The top three essays will receive thousands of dollars in outdoor gear. The best essay of the three gets the gear plus a new GO, total value well over $10,000. Essay entries for the contest end May 31, 2012 and can be entered via their web site.

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