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Free Roadside Assistance with 2016 Lance Campers

In a press release this week, Lancaster, California based Lance Camper has announced they’re adding a one year roadside assistance membership with the purchase of any 2016 Lance.


The Lance Emergency Roadside Assistance membership covers the owner, a spouse or significant other, and children age 24 or younger licensed to drive, your RV or other vehicles owned. An independent third party manages the service for Lance, which includes:

Technical Support and Roadside Assistance provides 24/7 technical assistance from a staff of RVIA/ RVDA and ASE certified technicians.

Towing of the disabled vehicle to the nearest qualified repair facility.

Tire Assistance including changing of the vehicles flat tires or towing of the vehicle to a tire facility.

Delivery of Fuel and Emergency Fluids as necessary to remedy any disablement.

Locksmith/ Lockout Services to the vehicle and assistance in the opening of the locked vehicle, and or/ obtaining a replacement key.

Jump-Starts to the vehicles dead battery or a tow to a qualified facility.

RV Mobile Mechanic Dispatching of a mechanic to the site of the mechanically disabled vehicle.

Dealer locator will guide the customer to the nearest Lance authorized location.

The member is responsible for all charges related to on site repairs including but not limited to fuel, fluid, key services, parts and labor costs. Lance Emergency Roadside Assistance can be reached at 1.877.219.9641. lance-logo-t



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