Vermont museum exhibition seeks trailers for grand opening

The Madsonian Museum of Industrial Design in Waitsfield, VT will soon open a two month exhibit called “Made in the Shade: The Designs of Summer Vacation”. The exhibit will feature vintage surfboards, swimsuits, canoes, boats, picnic sets, automobiles, and travel trailers. It opens September 16, 2012 with an indoor/outdoor event, featuring  food and music as well as some of the cars, boats, and travel trailers that will be part of the exhibit.

 As part of the September 16 kickoff, exhibit curator Mariah Coz is in search of small trailers that could be used as displays from 12pm-6pm on the day of the grand opening. “I am looking for small travel trailers that would like to be featured at the September 16th event (or possibly the duration of the exhibit if it is a small teardrop that would fit inside the museum). The trailer could be vintage or new (or home-built!) – it just has to be interesting and an example of great design.”

 If you have a small trailer that you’d be willing to part with for the day (or for the two months of the exhibit) and are in the northeast part of the U.S., you can contact Mariah via email:


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  1. Thanks Pat for posting this! I look forward to hearing from some of your readers 🙂 Oh – and if you were to bring your trailer, you wouldn’t have to part with it for the day of the event, I would hope that you would come and enjoy the event as well!
    Thanks again for all the great things you do on the blog,

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