Little Guy concept trailer revealed

Little Guy Worldwide gave a sneak peak of its latest addition to its lineup on its Facebook page today. The yet to be named trailer will check in at around 500 lbs and will be a sleeping trailer only. It’s light enough to be hauled by a trike or sub-compact car, but will be void of any kitchen or cooking area. It can come in any color and can be available with a roof rack, air conditioning, and 19″ TV/DVD AM/FM stereo combo. No pricing info was given, but the unit should be formally introduced sometime this summer.


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5 Responses to Little Guy concept trailer revealed

  1. I just put somewhere to name it Rexx or Rexx Nest because it kind of looks like a dinosaur head from the Sat. cartoons.

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  3. Mark

    “myPod” is the chosen name now?? You think the folks at Forest River are going to say anything?

    • Pat

      I thought the same thing, Mark. We all know how ugly it got with Heartland and the mpg. Time will tell, but I think some other “safe” choices for a name could’ve been had.

  4. John Moore

    How about an heat exchanger for either heat or AC?

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