Little Guy Introduces Off-Road T@B

Little Guy Worldwide has announced a new concept to the T@B for 2015. The T@B Outback will be an upgrade package that will allow for taking a T@B off-road.


  • 5 Piece ABS Off-road Assembly Package
  • Roof Rack with Cargo Basket and Off-road Spare
  • Pitched Axle, Off-road Tires & Rims
  • Custom Diamond Plate Tongue Box
  • Aluminum Front Utility Platform
  • Cargo Netting Above Window
  • Uber Tough Marmoleum Flooring
  • Radiused Diamond Plate LP/Battery Box
  • Solid Gray Cushions


The Outback will be available in any of the T@B floorplans EXCEPT the Clamshell. Production will start over the next couple of months and units should be available come the start of the 2015 camping season.


Although the T@B Outback is not on the T@B website as of this posting, I’ll have a follow-up post over the coming months as more details become available.


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7 Responses to Little Guy Introduces Off-Road T@B

  1. R. Sherman

    This is good news. The lack of off-road capability has kept me from going “all-in” on the T@B.

  2. Martin Hill

    Please send me more information about the outback t@b Trailer with toilet and shower.

  3. After doing a little investigation, it seems that the Outback is mostly an off-road look, rather than a true off-road type trailer. There seems to be no increase in ground clearance, and nothing else that really would help it hold up off-road any better than the regular T@bs. I would like to see one with a little more clearance, a stronger axle, and shocks! The T@b bounces terribly on Forest Service Roads.

  4. Eric Krag

    As with any lifted Little Guy, the pitched axle (depending on the factory’s choice) will add 3-5 inches of lift. Typically the off road tire set are 15″ wheel and high profile tires, so a minimum of 4″ is likely.
    The torsion axles will be bouncy… any single axle will be bouncy. My Pitched axle has endured 10’s of thousands of miles without a hiccup.

  5. Beth Cecil

    We are considering purchasing a T@b Outback Edition. I was wondering if you have any updates/new information to share to help us with our decision. I’m trying to discern if the Outback upgrades are really worth the extra cost. Any feedback would be appreciated! Thank you for this great, informative blog!!

  6. Has anyone out there flipped the axles on a t@b?

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