Deal Struck to Bring Hi-Lo Back to Life

The man who resurrected the Serro Scotty line of small camping trailers five years ago is at it again. Bill Kerola announced last week he has come to an agreement to purchase the intellectual property of the defunct Hi-Lo trailer company, which ceased production in July 2010 after producing its unique telescoping travel trailers for over 50 years. The agreement includes Hi-Lo’s trademark, web site, blueprints, and goodwill of the company from the Snyder family.


A preliminary time line calls for a new website to be up & running by the end of 2011 with production of prototypes to begin over the winter.  It’s not known whether Hi-Lo will follow the same factory direct path that Serro Scotty has used for the past few years. I’ll post updates on this story as they develop.


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4 Responses to Deal Struck to Bring Hi-Lo Back to Life

  1. K. Parker

    Love the HiLo and looking for the “new ” company. I’m not having any success…. what did you name it? Do you have a web page up and running?
    K. Parker

  2. another smalltrailerenthusiast

    Google brings up the website. It’s been saying coming soon for 2 years now.

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