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Sneak Peak: TAXA’s New Tiger Moth

This week the 8th Annual Elkhart Open House is taking place in Elkhart, Indiana. This is the show where RV dealers nationwide can get an early look at all the upcoming…and current…offerings from most of the manufacturers in the region. One of the new offerings at this year’s show is from TAXA, the makers of the Cricket trailer, which I covered earlier in September here.

Coming sometime late fall of 2015, TAXA will be adding the Tiger Moth to their lineup. The Tiger Moth will weigh in at about 900 lbs and have a price tag in the $12,000 range. Once they get into production and more details surface, I’ll have some more for you here. Big thanks to Rusty Eckstein at Mount Comfort RV for the pics and info. Be sure to check out their Cricket inventory by clicking on the ad link on the right column.








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Just a quick teaser

It’s been over a month since my last post here on the blog, despite a few random tweets and re-tweets for those of you followers on Twitter (https://twitter.com/Small_Trailers) . That’s due in part to a hectic work & home schedule, as well as just a lack of news. However, I decided to go find the news instead of waiting for the news to find me. I’ve been in touch recently with some of our favorite manufacturers (and I define “favorite manufacturers” as any manufacturer who’ll respond to my e-mail!) and those who’ve responded have some pretty cool news to share.

I had thought about putting it all into a single post, like this one I did a while back: http://smalltrailerenthusiast.com/2012/09/24/manufacturers-updates

However, many have responded with some in depth updates that also include video and/or photos. So, to do them justice, I’m going to give them all their own individual place in the spotlight over the new few weeks. So stay tuned…I’m hoping to hear back from even more of our friends in the small trailer building business!

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