Serro Scotty Worldwide Loses Third HiLander Manufacturer

What appears to be a familiar situation Serro Scotty Worldwide president Bill Kerola would rather not be in, he faces the task of lining up a new manufacturer for the popular Serro Scotty HiLander. When one is acquired, this will make the fourth manufacturer of the HiLander since Serro Scotty Worldwide was formed in 2006.

A few weeks ago, current manufacturer Cozy Travler, the HiLander’s manufacturer for less than a year, ceased production of their units, and along with it the HiLander.  Kerola had an order over the winter for 20 HiLanders to be built to create a solid inventory at his Transfer, Pennsylvania dealership. However, that order wasn’t fulfilled and currently there are just a couple of 2012 HiLanders available between Kerola’s Camper Store and Randy’s Trailer Town in Collinsville, Illinois.

In a phone conversation today, Kerola had just received word from a potential manufacturer in Indiana that they would not pursue building the HiLander due to the investment it would’ve taken to start building. His next step in the process is to approach the manufacturer of his Serro Scotty Sportsman model, which is currently building the first prototype of the new design. It’s under construction in a section of the old FCTA plant in Somerset, PA, which is where Coleman pop-ups were last built before closing in January 2011. The crew is comprised of mostly former Coleman/FTCA employees. Should they choose to stick with building only the Sportsman, Kerola tells me he’ll then “hit the streets” to line up a new manufacturer.

Taking production “in house” doesn’t appear to be an option just yet. Serro Scotty Worldwide general manager Tom Benedek explains, “It would take 150 units a year to make it work financially”. And demand for the retro travel trailers isn’t to that point. Where ever production of the HiLander lands, it will take approximately two months before they hit the market, due to engineering and getting familiar with them by the new manufacturer. The third unit in the Serro Scotty line, the Scotty Lite, continues to be built in central Florida by Trekker Trailers.

We’ll have more on the story as it develops over the coming months.


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5 Responses to Serro Scotty Worldwide Loses Third HiLander Manufacturer

  1. Peter Gaylord

    Has there been any progress in finding a manufacturer for the ‘SCOTTY
    HILANDER’? Please advise at your earliest convenience.

  2. Pat

    Thanks for writing, Peter. I was in touch with Bill Kerola a few weeks back. The HiLander is scheduled to be built by the same group that’s currently working on the Sportsman. Once they get it dialed in, they’re to turn their attention to the HiLander. I wouldn’t expect much more news until sometime during the winter. Stay tuned!

  3. Peter Gaylord

    Thanks for the update. Keep me posted on future developements. I am
    looking forward to additional news on your excellent blog. Great job!

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  5. D Gaskill

    Bought a 2007 Hilander a few months ago. Going over it I am finding some really shotty workmanship! During a recent trip … We ran thru a down pour. When we stopped for the night we discovered the bed was soaked as was the dinette cushions from leaky windows!
    Where and who can I take the trailer to be worked on?
    We like this little trailer and are sad to think the people who built it couldn’t have done a better job.

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