Doug Lantz Named Shasta’s New Leader

Shasta RV today has named RV industry veteran Doug Lantz as president and general manager of the Middlebury, Indiana based manufacturer. As we reported this week, the position was made open by the sudden resignation of Mark Lucas to pursue other interests.

imagesLantz brings over 25 years experience in the RV industry to Shasta. He began his career in 1988 with Coachmen RV, but more important is he was a co-founder of EverGreen RV and served as its president from 2008-2012, while also serving in other roles with Evergreen in recent years.

Tribune Photo/GREG SWIERCZ The Ever-Lite line of RVs features environmentally conscious materials and is offered by EverGreen RV of Middlebury. Standing at the door is Douglas M. Lantz, president and chief operations officer of Evergreen RV.

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It’ll be interesting to watch Shasta going forward to see if we’ll see some of the same eco-friendly construction methods that have been used in Evergreen since their inception. Below is a video I found of Doug Lantz being interviewed while with Evergreen back in 2010.


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2 Responses to Doug Lantz Named Shasta’s New Leader

  1. Doug

    Would be nice for someone to reach out to Doug Lantz and ask for a comment about the Airflyte debacle. Hint, hint…. 😉

    • unhappy camper

      you got that right!!! And i sure hope something is done about the roof! it was advertized as a 1 piece roof but we all have seams so much for that leakproof assurance!!!! i brought my camper home parked it started raining and i found that my camper that i have owned only maybe 5hrs had leaks then i found MOLD proving that the camper leaked before i bought it! and it was due to the bathroom vent in the middle of a roof seam that wasnt even supposed to be on the roof!!

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