Shasta President Mark Lucas Resigns

Today I received word that a post on a Shasta Facebook page informed members that Shasta RV president Mark Lucas had resigned his position to pursue other interests. In an e-mail late tonight, Mark told me, “Well, the grapevine is fast and accurate. True, I chose to resign, but I can’t yet reveal any details of the new venture. I’ll keep you posted as soon as I can.”


Lucas was hired on as president of Shasta in early 2012 after serving as the president and general manager at CrossRoads RV from 2002 through 2010. Under his leadership, the Shasta lineup saw a lot of reorganization and addition of new models, including the Phoenix 5th wheel and Flyte travel trailer to go along with the Revere and Oasis travel trailers. In a short span of time, Shasta’s market share has continued to grow and has quickly become an affordable and readily available brand for those budget conscious RVers.


photo courtesy RV Business

His signature move was the one time project to reissue 1,941 1961 Shasta Airflyte 16 and 19 foot travel trailers that spanned late 2014 and into most of 2015. The reissue of the Airflyte took the RV industry by storm and infused a new crop of RVers into the market who never had an RV before, thanks to the introduction of the reissued Airflytes. However, the Airflyte didn’t come without its share of problems for Shasta, as nearly all but a couple hundred reissues were recalled in late September 2015 by parent company Forest River due to axle and window issues that were discussed here.

There’s been no official press release by Shasta or Forest River on his resignation, so there’s no word on who’ll be taking the helm at Shasta’s Middlebury, Indiana plant. I’ll have more updates as they become available.



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  1. Kimberly

    The Facebook that Melissa Lucas posted to is the reissues owners club at They share fixes, upgrades, add ons, adventures and have 4 “Wingstock” rallies scheduled for the year 2015. Thank you Mark Lucas for your vision to make a “reissued” Shasta Airflyte as opposed to a “retro” or “re make”. I’m honored to be an owner of this historic limited edition.

    • Tammy

      Thank you Mark for your vision. I was beyond excited when I read the news about the reissue. I quickly ordered mine in late July from Mt. Comfort. I have never regretted that decision. I didn’t get to pick it up until March 2015. My husband and I have been very happy campers ever since! When we are not camping my 19″ butternut is fully set up in my back yard in Tn. For fun times at home. I wish you and your family the best and happy trails and THANK YOU!!

    • Kimberly

      oops sorry for typos I am not able to edit *limited edition 😉

    • Brandi

      The Facebook page mentioned in the comments, however, kicks members out for speaking honestly about the problems with the Shasta Reissue, so only join if you want the “rose-colored glasses” view…

  2. Kimberly

    *edition ooops wish there was an edit button 😉

  3. Donna Tucker

    I’m quite sure that Mark Lucas’ so called resignation has everything to do with the fact that DOT and NHTSA are all over Forest River as a result of numerous defects that can be found on the Shasta Airflyte. Several House members and Senators are now investigating the shoddy manufacturing of this Re-Issue of the classic 1961 Airflyte. For owners, the experience has been a nightmare of “what will break next.” Forest River has recalled the Airflytes for axle and window defects but there are many more issues to address such as: door locks that fail and lock the passengers inside or outside of the unit, cheap Chinese springs that collapse, rims that are not weight rated for the tonnage of the trailer, Coker passenger tires instead of sidewall support trailer tires, microwaves that become detached in transit, missing lag bolts on the front of the trailers and now apparently welds that fail on the hitch. Dealers don’t want to deal with the Airflytes and Forest River knows that this is going to be an expensive mess to clean up. Owners attempting to dump them on eBay are taking huge losses. Not the cuteness that everyone bought into.

    • Brandi

      I agree, Donna. This is too much of a coincidence to not be related.

    • Adrienne

      I agree with you Donna. I can’t imagine that this resignation wasn’t strongly encouraged. I am personally contacting potential attorneys this week because my Shasta has been unusable since day one and in a shop for 4 months. I submitted 19 problems in writing with photographic documentation and at this point not only can I not get a straight answer about what will be covered by the warranty, but they have stopped responding to my inquiries at all. Such a huge disappointment. I hope that the new president will be more focused on quality and customer service for ALL customers, not just those that smile and pretend everything is great (while they fix all the problems with their own time and money). This is the first time in my life that I have pushed to my breaking point with a product or a company. I am not sorry to see Mr. Lucas go. I hope this will be a positive change.

    • jay huntzinger

      Donna, Can you tell us more about the investigating of the Airflyte by House Members and Senators? Where were you able to learn about all these defects you cited? How about a class action lawsuit against Shasta and Forest River?

  4. Connie Consumer

    Are you related to Mark Lucas in some way, Kimberly? It’s one thing to like your trailer, but this post glorifying (or should I say kissing up to?) Mr. Lucas and Shasta itself reeks of serious denial or plain old ignorance of clear flaws in the trainer’s design and engineering. The idea was great, but the execution was poor. The finished product has glaring defects. It has been a truly disappointing purchase.

    Believe me, I understand that bashing the product online affects its resale value, but there is no hiding clear facts. It only took me five minutes of inspecting my unit to realize I had made a mistake. I adore the trailer, but wish I had n it bought one. It has been one problem after another, and I worry every time I tow as it bounces along behind me.

    The only thing I am grateful for about this right now is that NHTSA and other consumer advocates are finally taking note of the defects. I hope, in time, the adorable Airflyte reissue that I own will be a joy to use once it is reinforced and completely updated (much at my own expense) so I can use it for its true use, camping. So far, it’s mostly just been a summer sauna on wheels (A/C won’t cool the unit properly) and an ongoing battle with my dealership to get repairs done right.

    • Kimberly

      In reply to “Connie Cunsumer” comment above. No, I am not related to Mr. Lucas. I do not “glorify” him (those that know me know there is only One I glorify) or “kiss up” to him. I did say the owners club does “share fixes, upgrades, add ons, adventures and have 4 “Wingstock” rallies scheduled for the year 2015. Thank you Mark Lucas for your vision to make a “reissued” Shasta Airflyte as opposed to a “retro” or “re make”. I’m honored to be an owner of this historic limited edition.” I simply gave my personal comment to wish him well on his next adventure. I AM excited for the fact this trailer was a reissue and not just a ‘retro style’ trailer. Does it need improvement? Yes. Does the club delete people for talking about those improvements? No. Has the club deleted people for talking about issues? No. Has the club ever deleted owners or non owners for excessive rudeness, harassment, bullying, destruction of club files, lies, purchasing the club domain and requiring the club to buy it back from them, starting arguments and bickering over non topic subjects, or creating other ‘fb pages’ to bully individuals? YES! I get it that some folks are disappointed with their trailers … but really, is the answer to make a personal attack; on EVERY social media platform they can find, to anyone who says anything nice about them? When people say they are disappointed that is one thing but for adults to be accomplished social network bullies that is really over the top and frankly I have personally withstood this for over a year. The FACT is … I started a club for like minded owners before the trailer was ever made. I researched the facts the best I could with the manufacturer, dealerships, and other vintage trailer restoration people. My only intention and hope is we all have the trailer of our dreams. I can also hope that our experiences will bring out the best in people and not the worst.

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  6. unhappy camper

    As a first time owner of an Travel Trailer im am PAINFULLY disappointed in the quality and craftsmanship of the camper AND the repairs you get when your camper is sent back to the factory to be work on!!
    i bought this camper because i wanted vintage but didnt have the full know how or time for us to work on one and i have bad allergies. and my hubby wanted new and i wanted vintage so what a great compromise SO i thought!! leaks after owning it 5hrs and then finding mold in my camper and busted wheel wells and many other things like the back window popping open and flopping while in transit stove top coming lose and moving around and bumping the eyes of the stove , the fridge has no insulation and sweats which ruins the cabinet and make it moldy, trim keeps coming loose, bed collapse because shasta added 1 extra support but didn’t on both sides of the bed so a 1/2 fix like the shackle kit.. and the dinette light bends down when in transit like it doesn’t have support. not wiring the exhaust fan for the A/C and causing the heat to build up so bad it turned my bananas black and melted my marshmallows in the bag and the handles on the cabinet was so hot i had to use my shirt to open them .. and the list goes on
    Soooooo sad that these campers could have been a dream come true and if some one ask my opinion on what camper to buy i say anything BUT a forest river product and don’t even look towards Shasta.. I tell them to read reveiws very close and see how the company treats its customers and that goes for dealerships also im not sure i would use my dealership again if i ever buy another camper because they didnt give me my money back the next morning i returned my camper cause it leaked the night i brought it home! im thinking i will sign my life away and pay more than i spent on my house for an Airstream at least i hear your treated better by them…..

  7. Doug

    Just a reminder, there *IS* a place to discuss Airflyte issues without fear of censorship:

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