The Crowded 14′ Floor Plan…

Two years ago after we decided to upgrade from our T@B to a slightly larger small trailer, we attended an annual RV show at the Indiana State Fairgrounds to see what was new for 2010. By this time, we were sure we’d end up with a Serro Scotty HiLander, but I still kept my eyes open for other options. What we found was something I was interested in looking a little more into, although my better half had no interest.

The trailer was a 2010 KZ Sportsmen Classic 14RB. It was roughly the same size as the Scotty, while weighing a couple hundred pounds less. It was a 14′ rig with a front dinette, side couch, opposite side kitchen, rear corner bath, and rear closet. It was decent on space, although the look was boxy, lacking the “wow” factor the Scotty had. However, what kept me thinking about it was the price, which was about $4,000 less than what we ultimately paid for the Scotty. I figured I’d try to convince my wife we could save some money, yet still have a small, roomy trailer. Well, needless to say, that conversation didn’t get far, and five months later we were in our Scotty after selling the T@B.

But being a fan of small trailers, I still kept tabs on the KZ Sportsmen Classic. These things were everywhere and massively produced.  They must’ve been popular based on the number of them on dealer lots throughout the country. The more I read about them, the more I learned about them, and the more I learned about them, the more I questioned my sanity for wanting one. After all, they were somewhat boring and they were entry level stick & tin trailers. Craftsmanship wasn’t the highest of quality, but hey, for $8-9K, you could get a brand new trailer with a warranty. A good option if you have a limited budget.

However, over the past two years the market has started to put the squeeze on the 14′ Sportsmen Classic. In that time, I’ve found (not to say there aren’t others) ten other trailers with the same floor plan as the KZ. Shall we start the slide show?

The Jayco Swift SLX 145RB…

Photo courtesy Harper Camperland

The KZ Spree Escape 14RB…

Photo courtesy

The Starcraft AR ONE 14RB…

The Coachmen Clipper 14R…

Photo courtesy Delmarva RV Center

Gulf Stream AmeriLite 14RBC…

Photo courtesy Stoltzfus RV's and Marine

The Skyline Bobcat 140B…

Photo courtesy Norm's RV

The Travel Lite Idea i-15 (note the molded front cap on this new model)…

The Coachmen Viking 14R…

Photo courtesy Leisure Time RV

The Dutchmen 814RB…

Photo courtesy RV Business

and the Skyline Layton Retro 140…

Photo courtesy Magic Touch RVs

So, I think that makes 10. But what do you know, in the midst of finding all these photos, I came across yet another  trailer with this floor plan. The Skyline Aljo Retro 140…

Photo courtesy Norm's RV

That’s a pretty impressive list of….sameness. For those who have difficulty making a decision (like me, so says my wife), I wish you well if this floor plan is one you like. Chances are by the time you’d decide on which manufacturer to go with, 10 more manufacturers will have introduced a 14 footer with this floor plan. Curses! I don’t mean to belittle these trailers. As I mentioned, they will allow buyers to get a new trailer with a warranty at a cheap price. Plus, they’re light enough (2300 lbs, give or take depending on options)  to where you can tow with with most SUVs and mini vans.

So, let’s take a look at a typical 14′ travel trailer with this floor plan, shall we? Here’s a walk-through of a 2010 KZ Sportsmen Classic from the fine folks at Veurinks RV in Michigan.

One thing I’ll never forget about that day at the RV show two years ago was that both times I looked at the Sportsmen while we were there, the door entry was just a hair too short for me and I banged my head on the top of the door entry not once, but twice. I think I still have the knot in my head to prove it. But I’m still glad I listened to my wife and sticking with the plan to get a Scotty instead, as I think I would’ve been banging my head in more ways than one had we gone with the “popular” 14′ floor plan.


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  2. Evelyn Raymond

    we are looking for a 14 foot trailer for camping with bathroom and shower from 2002-2012. Would like someone to contact us if they have that.

    • Larry Rahn

      Evelyn: Your Sep 2012 is old , but wondering if you found your 14 footer?
      After looking at over 100 new and used plans, I finally found a perfect one
      for Ruth and I. 12 of the newest all had curbside door @ rear, most w/only
      2 burner stove and most would not sleep 4 ( needed 2 adults + 2 grandkids.)
      1989 Prowler Lynx 15 footer, the “plain Jane model”. Modified for our needs. With no “extras” base was 1990 pounds.
      Dinette became permanent 39″ x 72″ always made up twin. Rear couch also a twin. Rear fold out bunk kept but uses the nicer couch cushions. Front cabinet a second bunk with nicer dinette cushions. Converted bulbs to LED, added 2nd propane with one empty crossover valve, 3 scissors jacks powered by 19.2 cordless drill. 4 amp 5,000 BTU a/c in rear roadside pop out window. 1,000 watt generator on rear bumper. Two existing pull out shelves made into flip up tables at left and right of sink unit. Battery moved to rear doored compartment. 18″ x 20″ hinged flip open 3/8″ plastic cutting board over stove with contact cemented stainless steel underside. Microwave added under frig. The “plain Jane” had no oven which for us would have been useless. Storage in large covered Rubbermaid containers slide out from under the front bed. All cabinet doors and bath door replaced with lightweight frames and cloth.
      Total invested $2,500 and new curb weight 2120 pounds. Better than new ones at $8K to $13K

      • Tony P

        Sounds like you are doing a good job and keeping on the ball. Myself and the wife are building a new 12′ long by 8o” wide. Putting it on a older pop up frame due to the fine strong metal. Going with the updated goodies. Ultra lite materials are a big thing. Who says you can’t teach a old dog new tricks. Using core 10 and 3/8s spring steel along with the wood to frame every thing. Total Gross Weight just under 3000 lbs when done. Fully stocked and ready to go. Will be able to pull with a 79 Plymouth Volare with a Super 6 motor. LBL ( Stewart )
        Co. less than 12 miles away. Fully built unit with everything comes in just under 2500.00

    • Domo

      NEVER look at a travellite trailer. They are consistently the worst quality and sloppiest workmanship of any of the Elkhart companies. I bought one and am lucky that I can repair everything. Every single system (suspension, plumbing, axle bearings (left dry!), electrical, fasteners, heating, A/C, gray water, black water, radio, charging) was installed wrong, broken during install, left with debris and trash inside. When brought back for warranty work everything was blamed on “the guy that used to work here 6 months ago and we’ve made great improvements since then” – but did they do any better with the warranty repairs – NOPE – Here it is two years later and I still shake my head every single time I remove a panel and find another wire that was simply cut off with bare copper showing, left live and hidden in the ceiling within and inch of the metal housing for a fan – or a screw that had fallen inside the plumbing and eventually jammed the gray water gate valve open, etc. etc. I’m retired and have time to repair this unit correctly – I pity anyone else that buys one.

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  4. Sandra

    Have a 14 ft. KZ Sportsman Classic for sale if anyone is interested. Mint condition 2011. Hardly used. Everything works. Email if interested..

  5. Patti

    I’ve got a Subaru Cross Trek 4cyl. What can I pull with it?

  6. sant williams

    What is the price on your 14 ft. trailer thank you.

  7. TJ

    We bought a 2005 14′ in very good condition for $6,000.00 cash off craigslist and took it 4,000 miles in a matter of three months; staying various places boondocking. It had everything my 28′ had just with smaller space. Me and my wife had no problems at night moving around, taking showers, making food, relaxing at the TV or computers etc..

    We pulled it with a grand caravan with no problems. It felt like we could of pulled it with a sedan or hatch-back.

    We are probably always going to keep a 14′ to compliment our class C when we want to have a flexible vehicle with us. They are great with a mini-van going long distance and we still got good gas mileage.

    • Annette Quickstrom

      Hi, do you have a transmission oil cooler connected to your radiator? We been told we have to have one on our Toyota Sienna and we can’t find anyone do to it, not even Toyota Service, will do it.. need help?

      • Pat

        I’d recommend hitting up a transmission shop. I had one put on a GMC Envoy I once had, and a shop that specializes in transmission repair did mine for me.

    • Brian

      Yeah bro, I sold my 19ft Sportsman Classic a few months ago on CL. It was our first and I liked it but it was maxing out my Chrysler T&C pulling weight. Plus I didn’t like the bathroom in the middle sticking out from the wall. And we realized we didn’t really need a dedicated bed. It bugged me all that real estate taken up just for taking naps, like at night. So we got one of these floor plans in a Viking R14. These little guys aren’t easy find used and even new most dealers don’t carry them much. Got one in the Phoenix area at Tom’s Camperland. A 2013 for 9,500 bones out the door. They wanted more but I wouldn’t hear of it. Another TT that was hardly used. We just love this little thing! Pulling it with my Chrysler minivan feels like I’m pulling a wagon! Oh yeah, no more “white-knuckling”! Lol. We scored because Viking builds these with some “overkill” equipment, like 33 gallon fresh water tanks and roof top air conditioners. However, they did skimp on the cushions (every Viking owner’s complaint) as they’re just filled with polyester batting, no foam. So I ordered pre-cut high density foam from the for 200 bones to fill all 6 cushions. What a difference. Hell, I told the “boss lady” I’m moving in, on our driveway, lol.

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