Gadget Review: The BAL Light Trailer Tire Leveler

It wasn’t long after we bought a 2010 T@B in September 2009 that we started to buy stuff to go along with it. At the suggestion of more than one fellow T@B owner, one of those things we purchased was the BAL Light Trailer Tire Leveler.

Designed for single axle trailers with either 13″, 14″ and most 15″ wheels, the BAL leveler eliminates the need for leveling blocks to achieve your side to side leveling. It’s a breeze to use and is probably my favorite accessory we’ve purchased. Just slide it under the tire on the side that needs lifting, place the end of the threaded adjusting rod in the slot on the bottom plate, and then just starting cranking it up with the ratchet that comes along with it until you get it level. There’s a nice tutorial here on YouTube:

When we sold our T@B in 2010, we let a few of our accessories we bought for it go with the trailer…but not our BAL leveler! It’s worked just as well with our much heavier Serro Scotty (2500 lbs compared to the T@B’s 1600 lbs).

One word of caution though. I’ve found the BAL doesn’t work well when parked on grass. I found some difficulty (if not just impossible) in sliding it under the tire when parked on grass, but there were no problems encountered on gravel or hard surface campsite pads.

I’ve read on a few RV forums where some folks don’t like the BAL because of its bulk and how it takes up space. In my opinion, it’s a small price to pay for a handy tool. As for storage, I’ve read where more than one owner has purchased a typical pizza delivery bag and used it to store the BAL in, since it does have some grease on the threaded rod which can get things a little messy if left in the bed of your truck, or other tow vehicle of choice.

We purchased our BAL from in late 2009. We paid about $55 for it then, but today they go for around $80. However, those prices tend to fluctuate,  so you may pay less than the current $80 when you’re ready to get one. And get one you should!


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14 Responses to Gadget Review: The BAL Light Trailer Tire Leveler

  1. Julie Tomoser

    We also use a BAL Leveler with our pop up trailer and our 13′ Scamp and agree it is our best accessory by far. To keep the greasy rod clean from debris and getting grease on other items, we cut a short piece of pipe insulation foam to fit and simply slip it on once it’s level and again for storage. Hang on to the box it came in for storage and transporting if you don’t want to pay for a pizza delivery bag. I’ve seen other people make custom bags for theirs.

  2. Crystal

    That’s been on my list for a couple of years now. Could really have used it Memorial Day weekend. I need to bite the bullet and order.

  3. Donald Costello

    Hi: I’m a new member (thankfully) and can see where this would/could be a great asset.
    Regarding the problem of use on grassy surfaces (especially in damp situations) I would suggest the possability of drilling 3/8″ holes in the base section and using 3/8″ x 4″ carriage bolts (available from Home Depot etc., which then can be pushed, or hammered, thriugh th holes and the “head” of the carriage bolt will facilitate the extraction when it comes time to move.

    Ido have a question however and it is this:
    What is the best, lightweght, stabilizer legs for “small” or “tiny” trailers

  4. Donald Costello

    Just noticed the spelling errors in my posting – Mrs. Habijam, bless her, must be turning over in her grave.

  5. Dave

    I absolutely LOVE my BAL leveler. Much better and more accurate than backing onto a stack of boards and hoping for the best. Another “handy-dandy” little thing to have on hand is a small magnetic bubble level. I have one like this:

    I can stick it to the frame next to the wheel well and watch as I raise the leveler. Both of these items were (in my opinion) one of the most intelligent purchases I’ve ever made!

  6. SactoDan

    We use this on our Casita and it is a great tool. Easy to use and safe.

  7. My BAL is in use right now leveling our Camplite 11FDB in our driveway. It works great and is so easy!

    One thing I’ve noticed is the open ends of the tubing are very attractive to earwigs. This hot dry summer we have lots & lots of earwigs around. When I removed the BAL a few days ago a few scurried out. With a tip and some shaking hundreds of the scary looking bugs came out. Yuck! This has me thinking about trying to cork up the ends. I’ve thought about filling the tube ends with some silicone. That should work to keep the bugs out but it might cause the BAL to rust from the inside out if any moisture gets in at the pivot point.

    I also like the idea of mounting a door pull loop to the BAL to make it easier to pull it out from under the tire. My trailer has 14″ off-road tires and the BAL’s angled lift plates have a relatively tight fit.

  8. Ted Hoefer

    works great!! I remove the jackscrew after each use and wrap a shop rag around it than store it inside an old nylon stuff bag when storing it all in side my tongue box.

  9. D. Steele

    Can the BAL be modified for the 8 inch tires on a small pop- up trailer?

  10. Ty

    Are there any other comparable products?

  11. Bob

    Regarding grass, just carry a piece of 1/2 plywood. Throw it on the ground and pull the camper onto it, and then slide the BAL into place. You want the plywood to be several inches longer in each direction than the footprint of the BAL.

  12. Bonniy

    we use the Bal on our santa fee, but now we are getting a forest River HW that is a dual axel, I am wondering what to do now, since Bal only is used with a single axel,, I am crying cause I can’t use the Bal any more

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  14. Marilyn J Jones

    We used ours for this years camping season on our seasonal sight. The wrench was very hard to use for raising and even more so for lowering it. The wrench kept slipping and falling off the screw bolt. We got very frustrated. what else can we do? We are not sure we want to use it anymore.

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